Twin Light Pro Off Camera Flash Kit


PRO Off Camera Flask Kit Consisting of:
– 2 X 50x50cm Softbox
– 2 X L-Bracket to mount Speedlite- 1 X 1,7 meter Softbox Stand
– 1 X Shanny 2,4 GHz Speedlite Trigger for Canon (SN-E3-RF)
– 2 X Shanny 2,4 GHz 58GN Speedlite for Canon (SN586-RF)
– 2 X Translucent Umbrellas


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Essentially Flash Photography is a means of providing light where the natural or ambient light is insufficient or absent. Ideally it should be used in combination with ambient light to provide greater control over light and to provide an opportunity to enhance the available light in order to achieve the desired effect. Off Camera Flash gives another dimension to that control which adds direction and quality to our light.

We don’t presume to be able to teach our clients anything about photography but for those of you who would like to learn more, South Africa’s own Neil Van Niekerk, now based in New York has some very useful Tutorials on the subject.

Shanny Speedlights are as powerful as any top end speedlight and just as reliable. More importantly they are really affordable. Side by side it is not easy to distinguish them from there more famous competitors. The results are exactly the same.

We have combined the Shanny Speedlights with some quality accessories to provide a complete solution for achieving professional images in all conditions.


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Canon, Nikon


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