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How to Choose the Correct Binocular for You

Buying a pair of Binoculars can be a difficult choice, mainly because we are spoiled for choice. There are many well known brands and even more obscure brands that manufacture great binoculars. Buying the right pair for you however, requires some circumspection.

Your decision should primarily be based on what you will be using the binoculars for; Is it for bird watching, game watching, sport, astronomy or just getting a closer look at your surroundings.

Your second consideration  should be where you will be using them. If you are static in a vehicle or watching whales from a balcony, the weight and size won’t be a major factor but if you are hiking you would want to get something compact and light.

Next you need to consider the magnification and the amount of light you require. The greater the magnification the narrower your field of view and the harder it is to focus. There are binoculars with built in stabalisation that counter the focus issue but it comes at a price. In good light most decent binoculars will do the job but in low light and in shadow the size of the objective (front) lens and the quality of the glass will make the difference. This is also where the last consideration comes in.

Your budget will play a determing role in your final choice. Better quality glass and sophisticated multi coatings add to the performance in most conditions but especially in low light conditions but it comes at a cost. There are however reasonably affordable Binoculars that perform extremely well. It is always a good idea to read the reviews.

Another great way of Birding is with a spotting scope. If you are Birding from a fixed position like a hide or balcony you can get even closer to your birds with a spotting scope. Here is some useful information about Birding with Spotting Scopes.

Camera Warehouse offer a great range of Binoulars at truly great prices.

For a complete insight into all the options and features to consider the link below gives a comprehensive overview of how to choose the Binocular for you.