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The Advantages of On-Line Shopping at Camera Warehouse...

The number of specialist Camera Stores have diminished to no more than a handful countrywide and they are widely spread. Even then it is very rare that even a specialist store will have all or even most products available. The digital era has reduced margins to a point where only a very few of the traditional brick and mortar stores will survive.

Camera Warehouse is in a position where we can offer the same expert advice whilst not being restricted to a limited product range. Our website offers a selective representative range of popular photographic equipment but we are not limited to those products. Our supply chain is unlimited and whatever photographic equipment you are after we will get for you, even if it sometimes means importing it for you.

As a rule we can guarantee our registered users the lowest prices on photographic equipment. Please check with us before going elsewhere.

If you don’t find it on our website or anywhere else for that matter, email us and we will find it for you.

Our 14th year in business...

Camera Warehouse is a Specialist Photographic store with professional online support. Goods are delivered to your door directly from our warehouse or from the distributor. Deliveries take between two to four days subject to availability. Payment is secured through two recognised and safe portals being “Paygate” and “Payfast”. There is also a facility for direct EFT payments.

2019 marks our 14th year in business.

Camera Warehouse has become one of South Africa’s top online camera stores with a large range of popular Photographic and Electronic products to choose from.

Cameras, Lenses, and Photographic aids and accessories as well as a variety of electronic products are on sale – every day 24/7.

You cannot put a price on peace of mind! As an established online Camera store with a proven track record, our customers prefer to buy from our online shop because all our products are fully covered by the original suppliers’ warranty.

Camera specials and promotions...

We offer affordable pricing on our entire range of Photographic Equipment. Take advantage of our best camera specials and awesome promotions by registering on our website. By registering you will also qualify for exclusive deals via our monthly News Letter.

Please enjoy your Photography shopping with us and thank you for your loyal support.